M&M Custom Game Calls
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Well I have started handing out calls. Everyone seems pleased so far.

The Crow, Elk and Predator calls have all been proven winners so far...

Predator, Crow, Elk & Turkey calls in both open and closed reed designs.

Each call is personally tuned for optimum response. 

Our calls are made from the finest materials available

Each and every call is uniquely handmade from a spectacluar selection of  hand chosen hard woods.

No two calls will ever be the same. 

Each call is numbered, registered and recorded for added collectability.

Each call comes with a custom embroidered carry pouch.

Each pouch has our logo and the call # embroidered on it.

These are heirloom quality calls, but please take them out and help us keep the booming predator population under control.

Remember each predator you harvest saves 10 big game animals a year. Don't let a predator eat your potenial Arizona trophy big game animal before it can grow up. 

I will stand behind my work for my lifetime. If you are ever unhappy with your call, need a new reed, whatever, just let me know and I will make it right. No matter what !

Now get out there and "Take'em Out" !!!