Family Photos
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We can't belive how fast the girls have GROWN UP !!!
Mom & Dad are proud of both...

Hey, there are moore pictures on the right... get it moore pictures...

Melanie taking a break

Melissa on the rocks

Old picture of Mary in Northern Arizona, not that she's old!

Melanie tearing it up..

Waiting in line for the Temple of Doom

Mary with Ted Nugent Backstage

Here comes dad...

Mark & Mary Disneyland 2000

Jason Graduates Medical School. Good Job

I have no Idea

Mel & Lis having cake at Disneyland

Mary fishing at Lake Pleasant

Melanie (SP) and Jennifer (M)

The ole Homestead

Melanie not liking the ferris wheel at C.A.

Melanie (SP) and Proud Grandmother Gloria

Melanie (SP) and Proud Grandfather David

Melanie (HQ) and all the daughters of Bethal 19

Thanksgiving 2001

My Favorite 3 Girls.... or would that be Women ?

Mary and her Sister Cindy

Getting ready to fry a turkey (it's Great)

Scott & Dad

Mark and Mary have a moment together...

Melissa & Dan Roman

Mary and her Father Ed

Marys Mom Shirley

2 families become 3

Four Generations

Melanie (HQ) and her Installing Officers

You were expecting something else ???